The Fire Escape Stories

Volume 1

by (Author)

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Their experiences knocking around the city are challenging, funny, touching, and at times disturbing—all of the ingredients that define growing up.

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  • Pages ▸ 102 Page
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  • ISBN ▸ 1530123798
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  • Published ▸ April 8, 2016

Book description :

The Fire Escape Stories, Volume I, is comprised of nine episodes that make up Mike Burns’s strongest childhood memories of living in Brooklyn, New York, in the 1950s.

Mike and his cousin, Salvatore “Sally-Boy” Boccanera are born one minute apart, in the same hospital, and it seems like they’ll never be more than a minute apart the rest of their lives.

Their experiences knocking around the city are challenging, funny, touching, and at times disturbing—all of the ingredients that define growing up.

Life lessons happen in the Italian bakery Sally-Boy’s father owns, where the boys loll and play, with ears and eyes wide open. But maybe the biggest lesson of all looms over Mike’s father, who’s determined to make drastic changes in pursuit of a better life.

Hanging in the balance, at the center of the boys’ tumultuous lives, is the fire escape. It’s a place that is uniquely theirs, and Mike best describes its spell, recalling how it reeks in the rain, blisters in the sun, and ices over in the snow. It’s where he and Sally-Boy talk and think and philosophize and plot and try to understand all they can about themselves and the world.

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Teachers often tell aspiring students: write what you know. Chuck Cascio, an award-winning teacher, follows this dictum in the service of fiction that has the undeniable air of authenticity. These interconnected tales of a sensitive kid in Brooklyn provide the author an ideal forum to reflect on the crucial, formidable years of any child's life. The reader can smell the espresso, taste the cannolis, and see the creaky fire escape that functions as center stage. Cascio deftly defies typical convention, not delivering easy shocks or confrontations: much of the action (via the adults, including family and more shady characters) is hinted at, or happening --or about to happen-- outside the young protagonist's view, or comprehension. The reader knows a great deal more is going on, and this narrative restraint provides a depth and occasional menace not commonly seen in standard coming of age tales. There is a reportorial eye for detail but what really sells these stories is the heart on display: one feels a connection to an increasingly distant past (Brooklyn Dodgers!), and is able to care, because Cascio provides us with characters we care about. Looking forward to the next volume in this series!


More about the author:

Chuck Cascio was born in Brooklyn, NY, and grew up in the Washington, DC, area, but remains a New Yorker at heart...and reads with an authentic Brooklyn accent! (Know what I mean, eh?) An award-winning freelance journalist with hundreds of articles published in various newspapers and magazines, he now focuses on writing fiction. The Fire Escape Stories, Volumes I & II, and his novel, The Fire Escape Belongs in Brooklyn, transport readers to the actual--and metaphorical--wonders of a fire escape...ultimately raising the question: Does a fire escape really save lives? Chuck holds a BS in economics and business from Wagner College and a MA in communications from American University. An accomplished speaker and presenter, Chuck enjoys discussing writing in front of groups of any size. A former adjunct faculty member at American University, he also taught high school and was faculty advisor to student newspapers in Fairfax County, VA, receiving extensive recognition for his creative teaching. Chuck resides in Reston, VA, with his wife, Faye, an award-winning science educator. Both he and his wife are self-proclaimed "gym rats!"