Surviving Cancer

Our Voices & Choices

by (Author)

Awarded the IPPY Gold in the Health Category.

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  • Language ▸ English
  • Pages ▸ 265 Page
  • Editions ▸ Paperback
  • ISBN ▸ 0615856004
  • Published ▸ June 16, 2014

I gave the book to a friend whose brother-in-law has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. After reading Surviving Cancer, the friend passed the book along to his brother-in-law who promptly read it and said the following: While his mind was spinning in chaos and confusion, Surviving Cancer gave him a sense of calm because it helped him understand that and how he had to proceed with a purposeful plan of action. For everyone who has been diagnosed with cancer or who has a family member who has been, they know that anything that offers clarity in the constant chaos that cancer causes, is invaluable.

-- Asha Behr
Book description:​

Seventy contributors share their “voices & choices” to help ease the path every cancer patient walks, male or female alike. This compilation of information includes articles by cancer survivors, family doctors, oncologists, social workers, health care providers, cancer organization leaders, and financial advisers. Survivors’ stories are deeply personal and often support a medical perspective. Throughout the book, images of Behr’s sculptures reflect the moods and emotions that many on the cancer journey feel.

It has been reviewed by Library Journal,Huffington Post and Cure Magazine. Awarded the IPPY Gold in the Health Category. Received the President’s Gold medal for Health & Fitness from FAPA. and prior to that was granted the Medal for best Specialty Book by New Apple, and selected by Publishers Weekly as the best independently published Health book.

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