Obsidian Obsession

by (Author)

Good and evil, morality and deceit, selfishness and honor come into play, only to find that evil can win.

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A detailed story of events that could happen when you want things and are not willing to give back in return the descriptions of events are so real you are unable to put the book down you are challenged to think what might happen and what does. Zak your first book starts out sad but makes one realize nothing in life is free

-- Rikki
Book description:​

“Obsidian Obsession” is a 21st century adventure tied to a centuries-old legend of the Nazca and Inca Indians of Peru. A singular object provides the power to grant any wish to the person possessing the gift. This however comes with the knowledge that upon receiving the wish one will experience an unknown traumatic personal loss as well. This caveat creates an intense emotional warning to all that covet the power.

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