Land of the Rising Sun

A Fictional Tribute to Biafra

Knowing the history of a people helps one to understand them.

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Available book editions

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  • Language ▸ English
  • Pages ▸ 280 Page
  • Editions ▸ eBook, Paperback, Hardcover
  • ISBN ▸ 1524688150
  • Amazon ASIN ▸ B07964TM8F
  • Published ▸ May 12, 2017

Book description:​

Most people have never heard of Biafra or the war that nullified its birth and impending existence as a country. But those who lived the war still feel the sting and stigma of their wartime experiences.

Knowing the history of a people helps one to understand them, giving rise to compassion rather than condemnation or alienation. This is also true for a people’s posterity to ensure negative history never repeats itself.  Though the land’s rising sun is currently dimmed along its horizon, it will never be utterly extinguished and allowed to completely set because of the voices of those still crying out from it.

Read on to discover the indigene experience of wartime Biafra through the eyes of a young nurse, chronicled in a historical fiction tribute.

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