Jagger - Time Served

Jagger now searches a small New Enlgand town for a sadistic child predator.

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Before I write this review I should note that if I start reading a book and its not grabbing my attention, I will stop reading it. I was pleased that Jagger -Time Served proved itself worthy of my attention. Jagger is a well written page turner with ample twists and turns that grabbed my attention and sucked me in. I found myself stopping at points and analyzing in my mind what I had read so far, trying to make the pieces the fit and put it all together. What seemed, at the time, to have been minute details of the incredibly well developed main character, Jagger, were actually subtle yet memorable hints of things to come. It was those details and the twists and turns that had me, the reader, trying to solve the case on my own. This type of reader-to-book interaction is what sets Jagger - Time Served apart from other crime stories I have read. Jagger is the author's first book but you wouldn't know that from the mature writing that finds itself on every page. I can't wait for the next book!

-- Megan Areias
Book description:​

The first in a series of action, suspense thrillers featuring Iraqi war veteran James Jagger. Wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit, Jagger now searches a small New England town for a sadistic child predator.

Gut-wrenching action from Jared L.Cantin, cover design by Rob Davis. Jagger is here!

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