Going All In

They are six fully consenting adults, and after all, it’s only a game. Or is it?

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If you read one book this year, you must go all in for Going All In (pun intended). It iswell-worth the investment and once it hooks you, you can't put it down. It alsowill make an awesome film and even stage play, something I am certain that theauthors already are working on.

-- -- John Andrew Gallagher, Author and Award Winning Filmmaker
Book description:​

Three mismatched suburban couples, Steve and Katie, Marty and Erin, and Scarlett and C. Thomas, have been neighbors and friends for years. During a pummeling Connecticut Nor’Easter, the members of the bored triptych engage in a friendly game of Texas Hold’em in front of a fire and over more than a few bottles of Merlot. The impromptu get-together eventually leads to the institution of alcohol-driven, bi-weekly poker nights.

One evening on a lark, someone suggests an alternate payout – instead of pocket change, the winner may choose a player (other than his or her spouse) with whom to spend the night. The proposition takes shape, but complications arise as these things will.

All too quickly, friendships are strained and relationships begin to crumble. Lies are told, truths are exposed, and feelings are hurt. In the end, can anyone bear the weight of this wanton self-indulgence? They are six fully consenting adults, and after all, it’s only a game. Or is it?

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