The Nude Beach Murders

by (Author)

GAVIOTA: THE NUDE BEACH MURDERS to readers who enjoy suspense, action, fun, intrigue and mystery with a touch of romance.

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The Nude Beach Murders is spell binding. It will keep you on the edge to keep reading. Very hard to put down! As Nikki is sitting naked on the beach, her dogs start to bark madly. As she gets closer to where her dogs are at, she sees a body. Could it be? As she is processing this, Jake, another regular to the beach, sees her and the dogs. Things only get stranger, romantic, and deadlier from here! Nikki is working on processing all the things happening at her favorite beach while having to deal with a boss that thinks she is his. Jake is having to adjust after being bitten by a snake and is not liking having one of his clients in his house. Nikki and Jake are having to work through their personal issues on top of everything at the beach. Explosions, gun fire, and two nude weddings…what more could a book ask for?

-- SaxyDragons
Book description:​

A popular ER doctor is found impaled on a SCUBA spear. A motorhome blows up, killing four Gaviota Nude Beach regulars. Clothing-optional beachgoers are beginning to feel they have a target painted on their bare backs. Who is the killer and what is his motive?
When police don’t seem all that interested, physical therapist Jake Ross and horse trainer Nikki Desjardin decide to look for answers.

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