Followed my Star

(Volume 1)

by (Author)

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‘Followed my Star’ is a story about a woman falling in love with an American soldier in Germany.

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A beautiful love store about a young woman that finds her soul mate. Well written and a quick read. You'll learn more about how this young couple overcomes politics, perceptions, culture clashes and language barriers.

-- Jeannene Herber
Book description:​

narrative non-fiction

‘Followed my Star’ is a story about a woman falling in love with an American soldier in Germany. They meet at a time of political conflicts in the world and the war in Iraq. She is Persian and him being American brings some conflicts into the relationship. They love each other dearly and find through their love solutions for everything that surrounds their situation. Throughout their relationship she is confronted with the decision to leave her homeland, Germany and leave her friends and family behind.

This book series will talk about all of the issues America faces against other countries, why there are conflicts and solutions to those problems. This book talks about Religion, Politics, Ethnics, Spirituality, Economics, and will show you the solutions towards world peace.

The first book is a wonderful book. It is non-fiction, but on the edge of fiction. It takes you into a dream world, is warm-hearted and poetically written and it makes you experience love. The true love. It makes you feel connected to the universe and its stars. The element water you experience with its beauty and the wonder of the world. You will become connected with the experiences of the author and find your own inspiration by this story. It also informs you about Europe’s economy and the struggles to choose the US as her destination. How it really is like to follow your dream and leave your own country. How sometimes we weren’t planning on it, but it seems to be our destiny.

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