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The new book, CRASH LANE NEWS, combines security strategies from Officials in the U.S. Government, and Professional Travelers.

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"Indie Fab Book of the Year Travel Finalist." What an amazing book. I cannot believe all the important information, I learned about by reading this book. Who controls the news? That the government offers a limited version of what really occurs, to protect the government and their friends. That companies can alter the truth of safety news, that goes out to the public. Wow, Crash Lane News covers issues that the regular media swerves around, as they make no effort to discover the real story. Why the weather information reporting is so very important to travelers to prevent road accidents. This book is a great revelation, to give a traveler all the information they need on how to not, become involved in a crash. Knowledge is power. Know that transportation accidents are caused by severe weather. Anyone who wants to travel more safely should purchase this book. Listed in the book is the "color of law" You won't want to miss this. In the book you will find out the safest way to travel. And to be aware of the risk of certain types of travel. How to be cautious while traveling and much more. Weather is rarely listed as the cause of an accident. Many of the multiple car pile ups that happen annually happen because; the roads do not get closed for severe weather conditions. There is a real lack of government responsibility.

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Book description:​

The book CRASH LANE NEWS, is about travel advice. The book is about self-help, and comprehensive trip planning.


For more information about the book, or for questions, send an email to: CRASHLANENEWS777@GMAIL.COM. Or call tel: 559.676.7579.


CRASH LANE NEWS, is 2015’s scientific, comprehensive self-help travel resource.


CRASH LANE NEWS, presents original and simplified points of view about travel to help readers travel safer.


The new book, CRASH LANE NEWS, combines security strategies from Officials in the U.S. Government, and Professional Travelers. The book brings awareness, improving traveler safety across the 50 United States, U.S. Territories, and the World.


By combining stories of real-life situations with interviews and statistics, CRASH LANE NEWS, hopes to appeal to travelers who are looking for more than just dry news, but rather an all-inclusive story-based format that will appeal to their logical sides as well as their curiosity about real-life experiences.


Information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Department of Transportation is included. There are interviews with the CTIA-The Wireless Association Public Relations Office, NASA, The National Weather Service, True Mileage, National Weather Service Interviews with Meteorologist in Norton & Boston, Massachusetts; Dodge City, Kansas; Honolulu, Hawaii; North Carolina; Peach Tree City, Georgia; and Slidell/New Orleans, Louisiana; AAA Auto Club’s Public Relations Officer in AAA’s Northern California, Nevada, and Utah regional office in San Francisco, California; and the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s Public Affairs Director. Travel advice is included from the Department of the State, and the FCC.


Thank you for traveling safely.

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