Conflict on the Yangtze

(The Warramunga Series Book 4)

by (Author)

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Beyond the end of the Second World War, after the Japanese surrender, the fighting never ceased in China …

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This is the fourth book in the Warramunga series by author Greg Kater. It follows the adventures of former army officer, Jamie Munro and his close friend Jack O’Brien, ‘Jacko’. Jacko is a smart and educated half aborigine. In Conflict on the Yangtze, the team heads out to investigate and stop an opium smuggling operation along the Yangtze River. Using whatever means are necessary to achieve their goal, they must destroy the opium fields, follow the smuggling operation all the way to Australia and stop it once and for all. Along their risky journey up the Yangtze, they are shot at and attacked, while their junk boat is then boarded by bandits. Together, the two skilled men overcome one challenge after another while coming up against many hostile human and environmental dangers. Accomplishing their various missions, with the overall goal to hand the smugglers over to the authorities, proves to be an extreme challenge. However, the two are very skillful, smart and capable for this dangerous and deadly mission. This is the exciting story of Jamie Munro, and his side-kick Jacko, as they face injuries, numerous biting insects, huge mosquitos and deadly snakes, as well as the never ending heat and humidity. They must also overpower a group of desperate men who have their own mission to fulfill. Conflict on the Yangtze is an intense action-packed adventure. There are some amazing characters in this book who are well developed and impressive. Sarah, Jacko’s sister, has unbelievably fabulous tracking skills. One of the heroes of the mission is a wonderful canine. All of this had me fully engaged and completely enthralled by this well written, and researched, historical fiction novel. I have found that Greg Kater is an exceptional writer who has created authentic original characters, an intense, fast-paced storyline and compelling plot. Complete with unique detailed descriptions and riveting, exciting scenarios – this story had me on the edge of my seat. I will definitely be reading more of Greg Kater’s adventurous novels in his Warramunga series, and recommend this book and author to all readers of this genre.

-- Elle Alouette
Book description:​

Beyond the end of the Second World War, after the Japanese surrender, the fighting never ceased in China …

This is the fourth historical novel in the Warramunga series by Greg Kater. The events take place during 1946 when former army officer, Jamie Munro, and educated half-aborigine, Jack “Jacko” O’Brien, who head the Commonwealth Investigation Service in Darwin, are asked by Colonel John Cook, a senior commanding officer of MI6, to go to China and assist in the investigation of a drug cartel who are believed responsible for killing one of his operatives along the Yangtze River.

During the recent war, Jamie and Jacko had worked in intelligence operations with Colonel Cook during the desert campaign in North Africa, as the Afrika Corps threatened Egypt, and later in South East Asia in the aftermath of war.

The pair arrive in Shanghai via Manila in the aftermath of the Japanese occupation with Harry Williams, chief of the US intelligence agency, Office of Strategic Services (OSS), in the Philippines. They had worked with Harry previously in the Philippines on a case involving child smuggling (The Warramunga’s Aftermath of War). They are met at Shanghai’s Bund Docks by Johnny and Lee Drake, a half-Chinese MI6 operative who had lived in Shanghai, posing as a tea merchant, throughout the war. Jamie and Jacko learn that the current state of affairs in China is very complicated. They not only have to contend with the drug cartel but also with gangs, warlords and corrupt personages of influence. They are told the opium produced by the drug cartel is shipped to the Philippines for treatment and from there to the USA and Australia. To reach the centre of the opium operations it is necessary to travel hundreds of miles in a motorised junk up the Yangtze River where hostile, trigger-happy gangs and groups inhabit the riverbanks.

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