Beauty Pill

drowning in a world of lies

by (Author)

This story has everything… corruption, politics, faux science, and sex. It plucks at any woman’s deepest heart.

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  • Language ▸ English
  • Pages ▸ 227 Page
  • Editions ▸ eBook
  • Amazon ASIN ▸ B07NKRBLLW
  • Published ▸ February 28, 2019

The creative genius of Lee Baldwin soars again in this tale of the tyranny of beauty in America. Our heroine here, Cathy Macallan, is a remarkably talented TV weather girl and reporter. Set in picturesque Ashland, Oregon -- one of the hippest, most charming, and culturally rich small towns in North America -- Cathy is seduced by the promise of perfect beauty, poise, and professional success. Like Ravel's Bolero and just as sexy, the story is expertly paced: starts slowly, builds momentum, and finishes strong with a fireworks climax. At twenty six and the peak of pulchritude, Cathy does not realize she has more than all the right stuff to succeed big in TV journalism. She is reminiscent of real life Ashland girl Ann Curry who won national prominence in TV journalism with NBC, The Today Show, and Dateline. As Cathy battles two dangerous dragons -- a wretched mother and a narcissistic culture that constantly reminds women they will never be enough -- we are in her corner, want her to win and win big. Psychologically complex and very clever on every page, this story makes you think -- one of Baldwin's hallmarks as an author. There is more substance here than you find in most novels of any genre. I loved this story. On the one hand, I couldn't wait to find out what happens and on the other, I didn't want it to end. Sequel, please, Mr. Baldwin.

-- Dennis Hall
Book description:​

This story has everything… corruption, politics, faux science, and sex. It plucks at any woman’s deepest heart.


There’s no crying in broadcast TV, ladies.


You’re about to meet hard-luck Cathy, who wants above all to become an Oregon TV weather girl. Out of options, she takes a last desperate shot at redemption when she joins the clinical trial for a miracle drug. But will Mother permit such foolishness?


Original, quirky and transformative… a girl with a rebel’s heart and brain to match must conceal her plays from a controlling sociopath narcissist parent. Dear old Mom.


Beauty Pill is an offbeat coming of age romance with a female lead gutsy enough to swoop her Harley past plodding semis on the interstate. In the rain


Shy around powerful men, Cathy takes a desperate shot at redemption when she joins the clinical trial for a miracle drug.


Hold up, you say. She believes such fairy tales? Well, hell, she knows how bad hair can affect a woman’s career. Beautiful and smart, she’s been psychologically abused by Mother and a grade school teacher, and is deep into self-doubt.


But Cathy, ever hopeful, does believe. She signs up for the trial and meets a university grad student with a secret agenda. Always suspicious, Cathy lures the trial admin to the station for an interview on live TV. She must know if Beauty Pill is real.


Always resourceful, Cathy learned young how power can disguise one’s flaws. As a girl of eight she invented a super-heroine secret identity she calls Nova Girl, her protector. Nova Girl’s soft whisper feeds small gems of truth into Cathy’s delicate ear while she’s convinced the universe is out to get her.


Swing yourself onboard for an unforgettable ride with Cathy

Reader Reviews

A page turning novel about the triumph of a young woman over her chaotic upbringing.

I really enjoyed the believable character development of the leading lady, a young woman named Cathy who works at a local TV station. Her journey from stumbling klutz to stunning red leather wearing, motorcycle riding, star anchor is fun to read and compelling. I found it difficult to put the book down once I started reading and I wanted to cheer at the end. Another great Baldwin read.

Beauty Pill is much more about confidence than pharma

If you ever wondered what might be going on behind the scenes in the life of your attractive local news-caster, you will enjoy this. It is authentic and fast paced, with believable contemporary language. The interactions between the news-caster and her peers with the station’s management are realistic. Her vacillation between authentic and artificial beauty is well developed, as is her south Oregon exploration by Harley.


One of the good chick flick books to read. A truly naked broadcast news girl on the set? See it happen but don’t get prurient on me! You went there first! Maybe it’s another of her floating world of lies. Coming to Netflix… oh, I don’t know… but the station manager is eyeing Cathy and mentally rehearsing the horizontal mambo.

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