A Woman's World and the Men In-Between

by (Author)

This bold volume is poised and ready to change lives around the world.

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  • Language ▸ English
  • Pages ▸ 212 Page
  • Editions ▸ Paperback
  • ISBN ▸ 1645500101
  • Published ▸ March 25, 2019

Book description:​

JENNY is a fourteen-year-old girl whose destiny is determined at birth. But her vision is to be different from the other girls in her community in Kenya. When she witnesses girls and women being treated harshly in her village, she is determined not to let anyone map her destiny. When her friend dies right in front of her eyes, she refuses to be tied down by her community culturally acclaimed traditions. She runs away from home to the city of dreams Nairobi Kenya. She hopes to build a queendom that she can rule and conquer with the hope of liberating the women from mental slavery as the weakest gender.

However, she later finds out that life in the city of dreams is not a bed of roses after a woman she meets at a city garden narrates her story to her. She realises that life is about the survival of the fittest. However, her inner strength drives her to overcome the challenges. But will JOHNNY a stranger from England who is in search of his kingdom in a place of tranquillity get in her way of fulfilling her desire?

Right from the start, Jenny makes it clear to Johnny who is the boss. But when she gets romantically enticed by him, she lowers her guard down because she believes he is different from other men. But she soon finds herself in a situation she fiercely wants to get out from, but she is trapped and on the verge of death.

When Johnny thinks he has finished her off, she manages to gather her strength, rises up and walks through the door bloodied and weak. As her last chance of survival through the darkness, she shouts to a stranger for help before she collapses.

The books focus is to empower and help women understand their power, embrace it daily and rise to any challenge’s life throws at them. ‘A Woman’s World and the Men In-Between’ crushes through sex and gender stereotypes, proving that every human is equal, robust and equipped to rise to any challenge. While fiction, this bold volume is poised and ready to change lives around the world.

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