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We use strategic assets to create a customized ad and promote your Books on Social Media.

Find more readers, engage your audience, and sell books like a professional authors.

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How does it work?

We’ll handle everything. Once you’ve enrolled in the book promotion program, We will analyze your book metadata to create and launch a compelling ad that will lead readers straight to your preferred Bookstore’s sales page. Your Hunchpress book promotion feature includes:

1. Feature on the Homepage of

Your book will be featured on the homepage of our website. We’ll link to your book on Kindle, Apple, and Nook. Your book will be featured as a post with other books in your genre. We will also Design a customized Promotional Banner for your book.

2. Daily two (2) tweets to over 485,000+ people on twitter

Each tweet will be attached with Promotional Banner of your book and Book buy link of your choice (Amazon, BN, Kobo, etc.) Daily Tweets to 485,000+ Readers from our official twitter accounts for 30 days.

3. Promotion to our 22k+ Facebook fans​

We post the Book listings to over 22,600 Facebook users. The only thing our Facebook fans like more than Books is sharing them with their friends – giving your book the best chance at getting virally distributed.

4. Your Book in our Daily Email Newsletter to over 24,600 subscribers.

We’ll send your book to our readers who have expressed an interest in reading books. Our email subscribers get excited about every email we send, so you’re sure to see a boost from the minute the email hits our readers’ inboxes.

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